In this category I have collected my featured works. You can estimate overall quality of my music. Don’t forget to check other categories!

High energy and excitement explode out of these intense tracks! Energetic and pulsating melodies set the stage for action sequences such as car chases, fight sequences, highlight reels and promos.

A variety of fun, energetic tracks that keep the up excitement and enhance the experience. Great for computer games, social apps, and cartoons.

Optimism, confidence and creativity drive these positive tunes to motivate and inspire your audience. Add a splash of energy to your corporate video or presentation!

Whether soothing, quirky, or energetic, these kid-oriented tunes pair well with cute commercials, fun animations or lively mobile games.

Equal parts cheesy, quirky and fun, these lighthearted tracks don’t take themselves too seriously. Emphasize slapstick humor or goofy antics with these silly tunes. Great for kids and children’s programming, as well as playful advertisements.

This music is perfect for commercial advertising on TV, Radio and Internet, news show themes, corporate branding, video or website presentations and other business uses.

Suspense and cinematic action build in these dramatic tracks. Perfect for conveying a sense of urgency and action, these pensive tracks go great with police dramas, investigative reporting and suspenseful thrillers.

An expansive and building introduction leads to tense pulsing strings, bold brass, determined percussion that depict a dramatic epic scene.

A joyful royalty – free music with a happy, warm and uplifting feel which makes it perfect for motivational corporate campaigns, holidays, or Christmas advertising.

High tech music that feels cutting edge, focused, state of the art business, innovative product branding, corporate concentration, determined, new science and presentation videos. Has calm, pleasant and future looking moods.
World Music, Ethnic Music. From Africa to Mid-eastern royalty – free music for videos and youtube. The traditional and typically music that is an expression of the life of people in a community.

Beautiful and cinematic instrumentals that convey heartwarming love and emotion. The sentimental and romantic feeling of these gentle tracks creates a warm modern feel that’s perfect for use in wedding videos, slideshows and events.

Music with different genres. Hip-hop and fashion, ambient and atmospheric music for your projects and youtube videos.

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