Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Royalty Free Music?

It offers a simple solution whereby users can simply pay a one-off initial fee for the right to use the music. There are no further fees associated with the use of the music after the license has been purchased. Normally, you can use it for as long as you want, within the conditions of the license purchased. That’s the basic principle of royalty-free licenses. Of course, licenses like these can differ and include different rights – such as allowing a different number of uses. This depends on the website or service used to purchase the music. However, they almost always have one basic principle in common: a one-off fee and no further fees(subject to the conditions of the license).

The Convenience of Royalty Free Music

The convenience of Royalty Free Music means that it is an excellent solution for most production companies. The audio is usually composed especially to work with TV, film, radio, computer games or multimedia. Its very composition targets certain moods, genres or themes. It is tailor-made for that exact purpose and fits the criteria of most production audio needs.

The high quality audio by SW Music Production has a professional sound, works with visuals and relates to the styles/genre’s of modern day audiences. We try and give you the best new tracks that are both suitable for the project and also has the highest quality sound and production qualities.

The Benefits of Royalty Free Music
  • It is easily accessible.
  • Simple to license and download.
  • Cost effective and saves time.
  • Piece of mind knowing you are using music legally.
  • Composed in all musical styles.
  • Finished and mastered and ready to use.

  • Can I use music or sound effects in paid/commercial end products?

    Yes, all of our Music Licenses and SFX Licenses can be used with both free or paid end products. Unlike the Regular and Extended Licenses, they do not differentiate between non-commercial/commercial uses. Please note the may have other limitations on reproductions or broadcast audience, depending on which option you choose.

    How Can I Use Your Free Music?

    All my free music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. That means that you can use it anyway you want. The only thing you have to do is to give me a credit (for example, put the text: “Music: SoundWizard – File Name. CC BY 4.0.” ) in the description of your video).

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